What’s it about? (Shout To The Sky)

So in this ‘what’s it about’ I wanted to share a bit of the thinking and writing behind my track, ‘Shout to the sky.’

I wrote this song at a particularly challenging time of my life where I had incurred a really difficult point in my walk with God. My mental health was in a fragile place, I was having to take time off my work and life was challenging. It felt that even though I was facing chaos in life I couldn’t really here God’s call in a clear way like I had in the past. Call it faith, fate, whatever… I just could not connect with God. My mind had always drilled into me that God was there and I knew it from my experiences but my heart couldn’t follow suit. the lyrics in the second verse display this clearly:

“You are shouting from the heavens, with the answers to the questions. But I cannot here you this way, down on my knees I pray.”

These lyrics lead into a chorus that harnesses all the power of the proclamation and confusion of my position of believing in the love of God, mixed with the pain of the circumstances that surrounded my life. Hence why there is power in the music of the chorus but the drive is in a minor key, it brings that confusion to the mix.

The mid-section after the chorus has that groaning cry for reason. That movement in our hearts that tries to make sense of all the chaos around us, holding onto the last bit of resource that we have… I hope this comes across.

I really enjoy playing this song live, and blessing people through it. I hope that you enjoy listening to the song here, and that these words bring an idea of what the message of this song is and I also hope that you are blessed through the words and music.


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