Plate spinning, the life of the musician

As June rapidly approaches and the journey into music ministry continues I’m starting to discover how many different hats you have to wear in this calling. at the moment I’m my own:




-Tour organiser


-Sound engineer

-Social media expert (apparently)


and much more as well as keeping going to finish well as the youth worker for four churches in a lovely seaside town and trying to be the best loving husband to an amazing wife. It’s quite a handful. What I have found is that there are times where I feel an incredible peace. I was up at ‘Oliver’s Studios’ this week with my friends from sound consultancy working on a potential new single. I felt at such peace in the studio, regardless of the pressures of life, love and finance (always those three) I knew that everything would be fine. God has called me to a really exciting ministry and when I’m engaging in it I feel a total peace its like living in a fantastic dream, only it’s a reality. Sure from June it’s going to feel a bit like falling off a cliff hoping to be caught, but I know just that, i will be caught. Please pray if that’s your thin that I’d get more clarity and have the courage to do what I am being tasked to do, even though sometimes it’s a bit nerve racking.




Matt JR Hurley


Ps a pic from the studio



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