Studio Time-Dancing the Dance

So it’s now Wednesday, the day after the big push. We have managed to lay down almost all the drum tracks and some bass and acoustic guitar which has been brilliant. We have a really solid sound engineer who worked tirelessly throughout the day. I have to admit it was a pretty stressful day and we have always been up against the clock. having a limited budget has meant that I have had to prioritise all that goes into this Ep, which is a challenge as my heart cries out for the best that we can make, and it feels like the things of the world are trying to stop it.

The whole experience has been reminding me that in the hustle and bustle of all that we engage in during life, we can forget about the most important thing… life itself! I believe that we were put on this planet for one reason, and my music expresses this. In the challenge, the dance that is life, it’s so easy to focus on the steps and forget the music itself, the thing that drives us. For me it’s delving ever deeper into this fantastic mess of a relationship that is my faith in God. By no means complete I am ever striving to meet the expectations that I put on myself believing they are God’s expectations, when all He wants to do is meet me where I’m at, to journey with me.

I wonder if these words resonate with you, how long have you been dancing the dance? I’d just take this moment to encourage you, to take the time to listen to the music, spend time investigating your own relationship of faith, and see what you can find!








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