What’s it about, “Buildings”

So I’ve just got back from a really great time playing a gig on the beach in exmouth. It was great being able to share some songs and thoughts with the friendly people connected with Exeter ECU. the day after I headed along to have a look inside Exeter Cathedral.

EXE Cath

What an amazing building. Full of history and on every wall and expert craftsmanship to be found throughout the structure. It reminded me of the lyrics to a song that I generally open my live sets with, ‘Buildings’

I wrote this song as an outworking of a question that I’ve been pondering, where is our security? In our society there are a myriad of different items, people, places and principles that we are expected to put our security in. it seems that we as humans strive to find a place where we have purpose and a use for our lives. In my own life there our certainly things that I put stock in, my wife, my job and many other things. What is certain in this life is the majority of the things that we put our security in do not last forever. hence the chorus of the song:

“Where are the plans that made us stand so tall, where is the artwork pictured on the wall. Washed out of the scene, the story slowly falls, ask me once again where there any buildings there at all.”

We put so much identity and security in the world around us that we seem to miss a bigger picture. My faith shows me that there is someone greater than myself out there. A security that is unmatched by any other, rooted in love. The person in the song that I am addressing hopes to find security in something bigger than their past, than themselves. I hope they find it to…





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